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About Kristin

Owner & Designer Kristin Klein’s artistic flair was confirmed when she was accepted to dance for the Boston Ballet Company at 11 years of age. After many years as a ballet dancer, she retired and majored in art and communications in college. “I have always been artistic and have always been enamored by the art and craft of jewelry design, a skill I learned through books, and experimentation. My labor of love began in 1991, when I acquired a piece of Pyrite from New Mexico. Once in hand, I turned it into my first unique necklace creation.

One day in 1995, while working as the manager of a small gift boutique, I was wearing the pyrite necklace I had made. The owner complimented me on my unique necklace, and when I told her I made it, the owner offered to sell my necklaces in her store. Later, I branched out on my own selling my necklaces to gift and clothing boutiques, and to family and friends. I opened my first online store KVK Designs Natural Stone Jewelry & Unique Gifts (www.kvkdesigns.com) in the spring of 2000 to bring together my love of art and natural jewelry design. I love the exquisite beauty of nature as it expands and enriches the senses

.KVK Vintage started with a vintage key. I love anything vintage, antique, Fairtrade and bohemian. I have been buying vintage keys, antiques, bohemian jewelry and Fairtrade bags and headbands since I was a teenager. I thought it would be fun to combine my love of all these things for everyone to enjoy, so I opened my shop KVK Vintage in 2017.  I have collected vintage keys over the years from antique shows and flea markets, and friends who own antique shops. I started using these keys, to make vintage key necklaces and bracelets. I love creating Bohemian style jewelry, as it always looks good, regardless of what you mix with it, or how you wear it. It lets you express your free-spirited personality. And, my deep passion for Fairtrade, exposed me to different cultures, people and artisans. All of our beautiful Fairtrade products, are connected to the livelihoods of thousands of people across the globe. You are helping support families from Nepal, Thailand, Guatemala, India, Kenya, South Africa, Indonesia, Ghana and Vietnam. We hope you love our fair trade items as much as we do! I work with suppliers offering income generating opportunities to the artisans. Artisans are paid fair wages, and safe working conditions that are free from discrimination and forced child labor. I feel fulfilled when helping others in another culture succeed.


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